Resources for Affiliated Pharmacies

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FAQs for Affiliated Network Pharmacies

How do patients register for a Team Cuban Card?

Patients can visit and tap "Sign up" to create an account. Once registered, most patients will receive their Team Cuban Card by email within minutes.

How does the Team Cuban Card work?

1. The patient will present their Team Cuban Card.

  • It will contain a unique Member ID #, BIN #, PCN # Group #

The card should look like this:

2. Process the claim like you would any other prescription drug card.

3. Patient will pay the adjudicated copay.

4. If the drug is not covered:

  • Tell patient that the Team Cuban Card doesn't cover this drug but may in the future.
  • Work with the patient to provide other form of coverage or payment.

Can patients use their Team Cuban Card for other members of their family?

No. Each Team Cuban Card has a name and member ID # that is unique to each patient.

Can a patient use the Team Cuban Card for their child or pet?

No. The Team Cuban Card is currently not available for dependents under age 18 or pets.

How do patients update their Team Cuban Card account information (name, date of birth, etc.)?

Please have the patient email to update their account information.

Do members still need their primary insurance or Medicare drug plans?

Yes, the Team Cuban Card currently only covers specific drugs at participating pharmacies. The Team Cuban Card is not insurance.

Members cannot combine the Team Cuban Card with any other discount cards or prescription benefit cards for their prescriptions at this time. Any coordination of benefit (COB) or secondary claims submitted to Team Cuban Card will reject. If needed, submit the claim to Team Cuban Card as primary.

Are all drugs covered under the Team Cuban Card?

Not all drugs are covered, but new drugs are added to the Team Cuban Card regularly. Visit to see which drugs are covered.

Note that NDCs not covered will reject as “NDC not covered.”

Click here to view our medication and price list.

What if a patient wants a drug that is not currently on the Team Cuban Card list?

Ask them for their primary pharmacy insurance card or offer them your pharmacy’s U&C pricing. We will also be updating and adding more drugs to the Team Cuban Card program over time.

Who do I contact if the patient copay amount differs from the Team Cuban Card pricing website?


How do I find out which pharmacies are participating?

Click here to see our participating pharmacies.

What if I know of independent pharmacy friends who want to be a contract provider for the Team Cuban Card?

If you as a pharmacist know of other pharmacies that are interested in participating in the Team Cuban Pharmacy Affiliate Network, please have them complete this form.

Where can I find Team Cuban Card Network contract?

If your pharmacy is a beta test site, you should have received a copy of the contract upon execution. If you need a copy, please email: or check the Google Drive folder shared with your pharmacy.

What if I have issues submitting a claim to the Team Cuban Card?

Please call the Pharmacist Helpdesk phone number listed on the Team Cuban Card.

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