Frequently Asked Questions

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Using the Team Cuban Card

What is the Team Cuban Card?

The Team Cuban Card is a brand new way to get great prices on your prescription drugs closer to home! Our card also pays a fair dispensing fee to independent and grocery pharmacies. We want to support the pharmacists serving in a vital role in their communities, and we believe they should be compensated for their services.

At this time, the Team Cuban Card is available at all Kroger Family of Pharmacies locations and many independent pharmacies in 38 states, plus Washington, D.C. Tap here to sign up and see if there is a Team Cuban Card affiliate pharmacy near you!

How do I register for a Team Cuban Card?

Tap here to sign up! Note that the Team Cuban Card is currently only available at select pharmacies in select cities.

Can I use my Team Cuban Card for other members of my family?

Not at this time. Each Team Cuban Card has a unique name and the member ID is unique to each member. Each member must use a different email address to sign up.

Can I use Team Cuban Card for my child or my pet?

No, Team Cuban Card coverage is currently not available for persons under age 18 or pets. Each person also has a unique individual membership card.

How do I update my Cuban Card account information (name, date of birth, etc.)?

How is the Team Cuban Card different from a traditional prescription discount card?

The Team Cuban Card is not a discount card, it is a benefit card that can only be used at Cost Plus Drugs Affiliate Pharmacies. Each Team Cuban Card is linked to an individual user with a unique ID number. Over time, you will also get far more than just our transparent low prices. In the future, you’ll be able to connect your Team Cuban Card to your prescription benefit, plus directly access discount programs offered by brand name manufacturers to save even more.

Team Cuban Card Affiliated Pharmacies

Does the Team Cuban Card help support independent pharmacies?

Yes! We are very supportive of independent pharmacies. With traditional discount cards, independent pharmacies have to PAY the discount card company for the privilege of filling your prescription. In many cases, pharmacies have to pay $10 or even more, and can lose money by filling your prescription.

We think this is very wrong. Independent pharmacies serve an incredibly important role in their communities and deserved to be paid for their hard work. When you use your Team Cuban Card with one of our affiliated pharmacies, the pharmacy earns the $8 you would have paid for pharmacy labor and shipping if you had ordered directly from

Medications & Pricing

The prices on the website are only for 30 days’ supply or quantity. Can I get a larger quantity if my doctor says it’s okay?

Yes! In fact, we have our pricing set for any quantity with the Team Cuban Card, as long as your doctor prescribes it and it is legal to fill the larger quantity in your state.

The participating pharmacy accepted my Team Cuban Card, but the price is wrong. What do I do?

The prices on the Team Cuban Card may have been updated, please see the drug list. If you believe you were charged the wrong price at a participating pharmacy when using your Cuban Card, please contact

Is the pricing different from

Yes. There is an additional administration fee of $1.00 per prescription with the Team Cuban Card at a retail pharmacy.

As distribution prices vary from our suppliers, from time to time the pricing with Team Cuban Card will vary more significantly from the pricing. The cost shown on this website ( is always our actual cost for the Team Cuban Card channel.

My drugs are not on the list yet. Will the list be updated?

Yes, we will continue to add drugs to the list as they become available under the Team Cuban Card.

Which drugs are covered?

You can view our medication and price list here.

Do I still need my primary insurance or Medicare drug plan?

Yes, Team Cuban Card currently only covers specific drugs at participating pharmacies. Team Cuban Card is not insurance. Always compare costs and coverage of your medications to determine what is best for you. You cannot combine Team Cuban Card with any other discount cards or prescription benefit cards for your prescription at this time.


How do I transfer my prescription to a Team Cuban Card pharmacy?

The fastest way to fill your prescription is to have your doctor call in a new prescription to the Cost Plus Drugs Affiliate Pharmacy that you’d like to use. Your doctor's office can also electronically prescribe the medication. Or, if you have refills remaining on your prescription, bring your prescription bottle into the pharmacy and ask them to transfer your prescription. This transfer process may take a little longer than asking your doctor's office.

How early can I ask for a refill under the Team Cuban Card?

If a prescription has eligible refills, it will be available for a refill under the Team Cuban Card when you have used 50% of your last fill’s day supply. However, pharmacists’ professional judgment is also to be considered here as well, as safety is everyone’s first priority. If a prescription does not have refills, please contact your doctor to request refills.

Other FAQs

Does Team Cuban Card sell user data?

No, we do not sell user data. For more information on our privacy practices, please read our Privacy Policy.

How do I cancel my Team Cuban Card?

Email to request account cancellation. Cancelling your Team Cuban Card will not delete your account on

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